Breaking News- Elebele Bridge Collapse.

Breaking News- Elebele Bridge Collapse.

Occupants of oil-delivering Elebele people group in the Ogbia Nearby Government Territory of Bayelsa State have bemoaned the hardship brought about by the breakdown of the bridge in their area.

The Elebele Extension, which crosses the Kolo Spring at Elebele, crumbled on Thursday under the heaviness of a long rock solid truck stacked with chipping dust.

The disastrous truck was said to pass on the material to the building site of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Park at neighboring Emeyal attempted by the Nigerian Substance Improvement and Checking Board.

The scaffold interfaces a few networks in Bayelsa East Senatorial Region covering the three neighborhood government regions of Ogbia, Nembe and Metal and connections Yenagoa, the state capital.

Albeit no life was lost, the driver of the vehicle and his right hand were said to have sustain injury. As of now these occurrence have stop free movement of the town and transportation. So they are calling for government intervention.

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