About Us

Super plus TV is an online broadcasting station which is obsess in transforming the world view about critical issues in the world and also to broadcast the current happening in the universe to the comfort zone of all viewers. Most importantly to uncover those hidden talent that was hinder because of financial constraint in order to show case what they have in the inside to the world.

The essence of super plus TV is to produce TV shows for universal and widespread of broadcast with splendid and exciting content that is magnetically attractive and appealing to a vast commercial market.

Super plus TV is also involve in film making, making and promoting music videos, advertising companies products and services and also selling the African child idea around the world.

Super plus TV shows, highlight the many aspect of African, Europe,  Asia and other continents, lifestyles, including different cultures, traditions,  family values, morals, beliefs, investment opportunities, business , tourism idea, special events and exclusive grassroots footage all around the world so that the universe can appreciate the beauty of each country culture and lifestyle. This will help the African – American viewers to cultivate his ancestral root and culture as his lifestyle as we present detail footage on different country around the world.

Super plus TV Is virally known for presenting qualitative news locally and international, even in the mothers tongue of billions of viewers which helps to eliminate language barriers with a charming communicative style. We provide our client with outstanding services, at affordable price, and we also inspire audience to become an icon of societal change in order to build a community of potential leaders that can be a solution to the worlds cry.