Bandits killed 16 Villagers In Katsina.

Bandits killed 16 Villagers In Katsina.

Criminals have killed 16 individuals in isolated assaults on remote towns in northern Nigeria’s Katsina express, a zone wracked by cows stirring and kidnappings, authorities said on Tuesday.

Shooters on bikes independently raged the Dantakuri, Tsayau, Barza and Zakka towns late on Sunday through to Monday, shooting inhabitants and taking off their cattles , they said.

The most exceedingly awful assault occurred in Dantakuri, the region’s political director Sanusi Dangi Abbas told AFP.

“The criminals slaughtered 11 individuals in Dantakuri. One individual was murdered and another harmed in close by Barza,” Abbas said.

“Taking all things together, we lost 12 individuals in the assaults which started around 17:00 (16:00 GMT) on Sunday,” he said.

Occupants of Barza distinguished the injured individual as the central imam of the town.

Katsina state police representative Anas Gezawa affirmed the assaults however said he was just mindful of setbacks from Tsayau, where four individuals were murdered and a few cattles taken.

“I can affirm the murdering of four individuals in Tsayau yet we are anticipating reports from different territories,” Gezawa said.

“The scoundrels trucked away some domesticated animals and the residents sought after them into the woods to recover their creatures which prompted the passing of four individuals from the town,” he said.

Bandits assault

Tsayau, close to the border with Niger, has been over and over assaulted by outlaws, as per occupants.

Local people said shooters attacked Zakka town in Safana region right off on Monday, hijacking six individuals and removing domesticated animals.

“They came around 12:30 am and removed six individuals and a few of our domesticated animals,” nearby Haruna Ibrahim told AFP.

“We didn’t set up a battle and nobody was harmed yet we are as yet assessing the cattles the assailants stoled,” he said.

Katsina express, the birthplace of President Muhammadu Buhari, has been focused by hijackers and cows hoodlums lately, inciting townspeople to frame vigilante gatherings to shield themselves.

A month ago, 10 individuals were killed when around 300 outfitted outlaws raged the town of Kirtawa and took a crowd of cows subsequent to consuming homes in counter for a previous assault on the crooks by vigilantes from the town.

These criminals keep up camps in Rugu backwoods which straddles Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna and Niger states.

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