Missing Person- Godspower Justine Chibike.

Missing Person- Godspower Justine Chibike.

Mr. Godspower Justine Chibike is from IMO State and he is a graduate of maurid polytechnic akwa-ibom state in Afia Nsit. he have an OND in Biology and he is 27 years old vibrant and intelligent young man, who focus in been creative, inspiring and outstanding among his peer.

2017 he met a girl called Ogechi from IMO state and they fell in love with each other and they couldn’t stay a day without each other like Romeo and Juliet.

Suddenly the girl parent dislike their relationship and forcefully withdrew their daughter from seeing him and even giving the girl false reasons why she shouldn’t love the Guy anymore.

Godspower thought he could handle such emotional pains and same time another tragedy broke out, when he got an opportunity of traveling to the united state of America, when that was the only reason he was still excited in life.

Unfortunately the person sponsoring his visa and traveling expenses died the same time and he went into depression and start talking to himself, till today no body knows where Godspower Justine Chibike is , even when his parent visited maurid polytechnic to find their son, all his friends said he is no where to be found.

Please if you are reading this post and you see Godspower Justine Chibike kindly call this number-08066606302,08135022980,09051484858 or email us at superplustv87@gmail.com.

His parent are deeply in need of their son. Please share this post on all social media and even in your timeline to bring him back to his family. God bless.

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