BREAKINGNEWS: Your view on Buhari jaundiced, fuelled by bitterness over Atiku’s electoral loss – BMO blasts Oyedepo

BREAKINGNEWS: Your view on Buhari jaundiced, fuelled by bitterness over Atiku’s electoral loss – BMO blasts Oyedepo

BREAKINGNEWS: Your view on Buhari jaundiced, fuelled by bitterness over Atiku’s electoral loss – BMO blasts Oyedepo

The Buhari Media Organization (BMO) has lashed out at the Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide otherwise called Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, for labeling the President Muhammadu Buhari organization as the most noticeably awful throughout the entire existence of Nigeria.

It depicted the pastor’s situation as an embittered and deceitful view fuelled by his waiting sharpness over Nigeria’s dismissal of his favored competitor at the 2019 presidential political race.

In an announcement marked by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, BMO said it was pretentious for Bishop Oyedepo to take to the podium to dispatch a scorching assault on President Buhari over an absolutely authoritative issue.

“We expected a man who is very much made a trip to be increasingly educated about lawmaking however we are amazed to discover that the invert is the situation deciding by the Bishop’s tirade against the President over the internet based life guideline bill.

“We, in the same way as other Nigerians, realize he frantically needed another person to be President in 2019 and furthermore know how he transparently battled for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) flagbearer Atiku Abubakar, even from the platform, however God had an alternate arrangement and a lion’s share of the democratic open settled on a man they thought about preferred in more manners over one.

“It is on record that President Buhari won in practically all surveying units in the zone that the worldwide central command of the congregation is situated in what is obviously a dismissal of the Bishop’s attack into the political field.

“We are not astounded that the sharpness is as yet waiting for over one year after the political decision however it isn’t appropriate for a Christian chief of Oyedepo’s remaining to permit it to obscure his feeling of thinking.

“We make intense to state that the Buhari organization had no turn in what is unmistakably a private part charge that isn’t even a bit of enactment, yet a persuasive strict pioneer doesn’t think of it as important to coordinate his words at Federal lawmakers that would think about it,” it included.

BMO likewise protested the priest’s selection of words on Nigeria beside saying that President Buhari organization’s days are numbered.

The gathering stated: “That was not the first run through, the Bishop will permit his feelings to abrogate his feeling of obligation on the podium.

“We can without much of a stretch review how he lectured a lesson from a bogus account of the senseless ‘Jubril of Sudan in Aso Rock’ thought and utilized an ironical piece in a national paper as an affirmation of the phony news.

“Thus, him saying that President Buhari’s organization days are numbered and including that he was talking as a prophet is very ludicrous. Or then again is there any Nigerian that doesn’t have a clue about that the President has a tenured term in office which slips by in 2023?

“To compound an already painful situation, the Bishop was even cited as portraying Nigeria as an ‘animal ranch’. This is plainly not the sort of remark one anticipates from a decent priest.

“In any case, we have to ask him when a nation that experienced a 16-year long PDP misrule without a cry from him turned into an animal ranch in his view?

“Was it after President Buhari picked to ended free subsidizes going into the pockets of corrupted political and strict pioneers to the detriment of normal Nigerians?

“We don’t should be a prophet or Bishop to realize that these assets are currently finding their ways into present day framework and social venture projects to help a large number of Nigerians out of neediness instead of financing the costly ways of life and keep up personal jets of the first class.

“Also, much the same as when he hopped on the ‘Jubril of Sudan’ story, Bishop Oyedepo has again indicated that he is a fanatic pastor who has overlooked the cautions of the Holy Bible on political administration.”

The gathering approached the pastor to atone, change his psyche and resort to non-sour messages from the podium focused at an apparent political rival.

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