BREAKINGNEWSBoko Haram: HURIWA legitimizes redeployment of Maj Gen. Adeniyi, cautions gossip mongers

BREAKINGNEWSBoko Haram: HURIWA legitimizes redeployment of Maj Gen. Adeniyi, cautions gossip mongers

BREAKINGNEWSBoko Haram: HURIWA legitimizes redeployment of Maj Gen. Adeniyi, cautions gossip mongers

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has blamed the analysis that welcomed the redeployment of Theater Commander, Major General, Olusegun Adeniyi.

HURIWA, a cutting edge human rights backing gathering, claimed that saboteurs were out to undermine the present optimized and careful counter-fear battle being pursued by the military.

It guaranteed that the gossip that the Theater Commander was moved as a discipline for transparently condemning the absence of battling weapons in the hands of fighters taking up arms against Boko Haram fear mongers in the Northeast was inadmissible.

Review that Femi Fani-Kayode, previous Aviation Minister had claimed that Adeniyi was alleviated of his obligations since he requested better government assistance, weapons and conditions for troops battling Boko Haram.

Gen. Adeniyi was supplanted by Maj Gen F Yahaya from Headquarters 1 Division Kaduna as the new Commander of the Theater Command, Operation LAFIYA DOLE (OPLD) Maiduguri.

Adeniyi’s redeployment may not be detached to a viral video where he was begging the administration and the Chief of Army Staff to give weapons to the warriors in war front to carry out their responsibilities.

In any case, the Nigerian Army had excused such case, focusing on that Adeniyi was redeployed as a feature of its routine planned for guaranteeing a superior indictment of the counter fear based oppression war.

In any case, HURIWA asked why standard and customary exercise of intensity which President Muhammadu Buhari presented on the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai ought to be seen as “harmed binoculars of normal Nigerian factional legislative issues.”

The cutting edge rights bunch expressed this in an announcement marked and sent to DAILY POST by its National Coordinator, Emmauel Onwubiko.

Onwubiko forewarned Nigerians against spreading deception and purposeful publicity.

The Coordinator mourned that gossip mongers were undermining the battle against insurrection in the Northeast.

As per Onwubiko: the “most hazardous thing for any Nigerian to do currently is to attempt to spread phony PROPAGANDA using any and all means and to course debilitating and surely through and through deceptions trying to disrupt crafted by either the Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai or the military foundations in general at these significant occasions of our country’s direction and encounters with the vile forces that be and the powers of dread resolved to undermine the corporate regional uprightness of our country.

“We are frequently shocked when we see Nigerians who are in any case immeasurably instructed and all around went start to produce and plant lies and absolutely dangerous data against our daring troopers and their persevering authorities who are in the forefronts of the fight for the spirit of Nigeria and to spare our lives from outlandish psychological militant assaults by boko haram and other Islamic state associates. What bliss can a resident of Nigeria determine by running down the military foundation on the grounds that the PERSON or individual or their paymasters are looking for the ouster of the present help boss?

“We are by this media intercession talking not for the Nigerian Army yet we are talking as loyalists and engaging Nigerians to help the war on fear which is winnable inside the briefest conceivable time period yet just with our aggregate supports, inspirations and supports of our gallant warriors who are making the incomparable penances to keep Nigerians safe and to save the uprightness of our sovereign domain.

“Would we be able to obtain from a motto that was advanced when Buhari and Idiagbon headed the military organization as it at that point was in the mid 80’s which goes therefore ‘we have no other nation to call our own’. So it is the lawful commitment and a moral command of every single energetic resident to help the military. The postings that are made in the military are just daily schedule and not correctional or are they politically actuated. This can’t first and may not be the last in light of the fact that the military is continually progressing in their endeavors to serve us better as expert troopers. The Army is a unique organization”.

The rights bunch reviewed that the Nigerian Army had reliably refreshed Nigerians on such postings.

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